VideoSolutions ODYSSEY 2B SDI+DV Video Mixer PAL

VideoSolutions ODYSSEY 2B SDI+DV Video Mixer PAL
Multi-format Digital Video Mixer ODYSSEY 2B SDI+DV.

Designed for cost-effective broadcasting and postproduction. Differs from basic model by keyboard: has 21 big buttons for mixer buses and transaction executions.


- Digital video processing 4:2:2:4

- 4 separate Y/C (S-Video), 4 composite inputs

- 4 SDI inputs+4 DV inputs+2 SDI outputs

- Switching both synchronizing and asynchronizing sources

- PAL/SECAM/NTSC color video signal standard for inputs and PAL/SECAM for outputs

- CHROMA & LUMA keyer, DSK

- Digital audio mixer: sampling frequency 48 kHz, 16-bit quantization

- 5 audio stereo inputs or 10 separate mono inputs


- Quad-split / full screen modes of control SVGA monitor for preview of video input signals both simultaneously and separately

- User friendly graphic menu enables:
* tuning and correction of video signal parameters for all inputs;
* visual audio level monitoring for every channel via SVGA monitor;
* to enter service information - source markers, current mode, etc. - for every channel

- Built-in two independent logo generators for two lists of logo images; available simultaneous generation of several logo-images including the animation

- Built-in clock on air generator

- Built-in test-pattern generator (color bar 75%/100%, Monochrome, sweep)

- USB Host (4 ports) provides:
* keyboard and mouse connection;
* titles and graphic files loading (logo images);
* GPI, Tally interfaces


Inputs Video:
4 CVBS composite BNC inputs
4 Y/C (S-Video)
4 DV(IEEE 1394) 6 pin

Inputs Audio:
5 Unbalanced stereo RCA
4 Balanced stereo

Outputs Video:
2 CVBS BNC (composite)
1 Y/C (S-Video)
1 SVGA (split-quad preview)

Outputs Audio:
1 Unbalanced stereo RCA
1 Unbalanced stereo RCA (program)
1 Unbalanced stereo RCA (preview)
1 Balanced stereo

Power supply: 90-260V / 50-60Hz, 20 VA

Construction: 19-inch desktop

Weight: 4.5 kg


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Rating: 5.0
Rating: 5.0
By from Lismore on
For the money I did'nt expect a great deal,however the mixer with the DV/SDI options is first class.For quality and capability and for what I want it for it is great.You can mix DV/SDI/COMPOSITE/COMPONENT S-VIDEO,however there is still only 4 inputs,although you can hook up more and still bring them to line easily.A simple quality item,with some other nice features.

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