StreamLabs MultiScreen 20 TV Signal Monitoring System

StreamLabs MultiScreen 20 TV Signal Monitoring System
Stream MultiScreen is a highly effective hardware and software complex for monitoring several video and audio signal sources simultaneously in real time.

Stream MultiScreen hardware and software complex is designed for real time control of several video and audio signal sources simultaneously on computer screen (plasma, LCD-television set).

The complex is realized on PC platform with Windows XP operating system. A highly robust design using industrial-strength rack-mountable casing with a server motherboard and effective cooling system provides reliable and stable 24/7 equipment operation, while retaining a high flexibility level inherent in PC-based solutions, and keeping it all under a relatively low price for this class of equipment.


20 Composite video inputs (525/60 (NTSC), 625/50 (PAL), 625/50 (SECAM)).

20 analog stereo channels. One of the monitored audio channels output via computer sound card.

MPEG TS (SPTS/MPTS) support.

2 monitors (plasmas, LCD-television sets) connection via VGA / DVI / HDMI to one Stream MultiScreen device.

Video display monitor (plasma) output parameters (resolution and colour depth) are determined only by device video adaptor properties and can reach 1920x1200 pixels.

TALLY (react on shorting the relevant pair of contacts).

Random video windows position and size. The maximum size a video window can reach is the full-screen monitor size.

Video windows can overlap.

Brightness, contrast and saturation can be adjusted for every window separately.

Random audio PPM sound indicator position.

Random window text (title) location, font, size and colour.

Digital clock output with random position, font, size, colour and format of displayed data (time/date).

Each of the above mentioned objects can have a specified outline (width, colour) and background (colour or image from file (bmp, tga, tif)).

Additional features

Daily log (system operation register), which records:
o Configuration change;
o Video Loss;
o Video Frozen;
o Black Frame;
o Blocking Frame;
o GPI input change;
o Edh-errors reports for SDI-signal.
Schedule composition for response test of every alarm condition (with alarm analysis time span indication). Custom response settings for each event.
Information in the system operation register is constantly updated (and saved) in client's (operator's) application, where it is also possible to make a query from any of the system applications-servers available to obtain selective information at random system operation time range.

Upon video and/or audio signal loss computer Sound Blaster issues an alarm signal.

Quick video window location configuration change by pressing "hot keys" or according to specified schedule.

Stream MultiScreen connection to LAN allows to join several devices in a single network and fully control them from any workstation.



Stream MultiScreen hardware and software complex is a personal computer with Windows XP Pro operating system, which is equipped with special image and sound insertion cards, and relevant software.

The complex is delivered in rack-mountable 4U casings with Dual redundant, hot-swappable PSU.

The software for forming and editing the configurations, network device control and operation register viewing can be installed on any computer and have no license number restriction.

In the Box

- CD-disk with software and user manual copy in PDF-format.


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