Lowepro DryZone Rover Waterproof Backpack - Gray

by Lowepro
Lowepro DryZone Rover Waterproof Backpack - Gray
Water and camera equipment in the same bag used to spell disaster. The DryZone Rover is the world's first backpack designed to safely carry both a hydration system and camera gear all inside the same bag. The unique design of the DryZone Rover allows you to comfortably store camera equipment or other water sensitive items in the waterproof lower compartment while providing quick access to personal storage space above. Remove the padded camera insert from the lower drypod and you instantly have a multi-purpose waterproof pack. Perfect for the adventure photographer in remote and extreme conditions, the DryZone Rover keeps you hiking, hydrated and shooting longer.


Pro digital or 35mm SLR; 3-4 additional lenses (up to an 80-200mm f/2.4); tripod or monopod, memory cards, cables and personal accessories.

13W X 9.6D X 21.1H in./
33 X 24.5 X 53.5 cm

Camera Compartment Inner Dimensions:
11.8W X 6.9D X 8.7H in./
30 X 17.5 X 22 cm

Top Compartment Inner Dimensions:
11.8W X 7.3D X 12H in./
30 X 18.5 X 30.5 cm

Outer fabric:
(Backpack) water-resistant 600D TXP and 2000D ballistic nylon Outer Fabric WaterProof:
(Waterproof Drypod) waterproof plastic-coated nylon


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