Datavideo MS-900 Mobile Video Studio PAL

Datavideo MS-900 Mobile Video Studio PAL
The MS-900 includes Datavideo's SE-900 switcher with a pull-out, flip-up monitor that displays all incoming sources,
preview and program outputs using the SE-900's multi-image output. All components in the MS900 are built into a
shockmounted road case allowing for easy moving and safe shipping.


The MS-900 accepts a mix of up to 8 SD inputs of your choice including DV, SDI, DVI, YUV and Composite Video. Standard outputs include DV, SDI, YUV, S-Video (Y/C) and Composite Video. Thanks to a built in frame synchronizer and TBC for each channel, none of the external video sources needs external genlock for flicker free switching between all 8 inputs - in any format, this allows even traditional entry level video cameras to be used.

The built in 17-inch multi image display easily pulls out on location, and provides a complete overview of all 8 input channels, as well as Preview (Next Source) and Program (Live). The screen also features tally information, where Program is highlighted in red, and Next Source marked in yellow. In addition to the multi-view display, each input card also provides a real-time live Composite Video output, irrespective of the input type.

Recording is easily done via the built in DN-500 hard drive recorder, which can record into a file format that can be edited in most popular computer based editing systems. In addition the MS-900 is also supplied with a file conversion software, allowing easy and fast conversion into additional file formats. With DN-500 you can take advantage of tapeless recording, where recording times are far longer than traditional tape, there are no drop-outs and using Datavideo's Direct to Timeline technology, you will speed up the process from recording to editing, thanks to file transfer, rather than traditional capturing. Once you have completed your recording simply eject the hard drive carrier from the DN-500, and connect it easily to your NLE system via a standard USB connector. Your recording is now immediately available as files ready for editing - it's as easy as that!

Talkback & Tally Indicator
In the production studio, good communication between the director, cameraman, lighting, sound mixing etc. is essential to produce a polished end result. The integrated ITC-100 Intercom System provides talkback for up to 8 users, with additional tally indication for each camera. The TD-1 camera tally light, also provide dual colour tally light to assist the person (the talent) in front of the camera (what camera is "Live" and what camera is "Next Source"). The director can select to talk to an individual channel or to all channels simultaneously. High signal to ratio (good quality with very little noise) and full duplex design makes the communication crisp and clear. The MS-900 system is supplied with 8 x ITC-100SL camera belt packs, each with microphone headset, on camera dual colour tally indicator and 20 meter cable.

Downstream Keying/Titling
MS-900 features also include a downstream keyer (DSK) for integration with character generator software, such as Datavideo CG-100 or CG-350 . Overlay (Keying) can be performed internally or externally. A separate Logo Display can be used independently of the DSK utilising two built in image stores with support for *.bmp image files.

Additional optional Chroma Key board can be fitted to add up to 4 channels of high quality Chroma Key. Each channel can be set independently, to produce a perfect key from any angle or camera type (perfect when you work with different types of cameras), and you can seamlessly switch from one channel to another, even without using any form of genlock. This is ideal for virtual studio or newsroom type applications.

Audio Delay & Audio Embedding
Use of digital formats like DV and SDI, often produces a delay in the video stream. To accommodate for any delay MS-900 includes an audio delay function, making it possible to synchronize video and audio together for a perfect resolute. In addition the MS-900 also features a DV and SDI audio embedder for output when recording to an external source (like DVD recorders) or streaming to the internet.


* Complete integrated solution, including 8-channel SD switcher, multi display monitor, hard drive recorder and talk back system with built in tally feature
* Multi-format video - up to 8 inputs with a choice of SDI, DV , DVI, Component (Y:U:V), S-Video (Y/C) & Composite Video
* Balanced audio input with built in delayed function to ensure perfect synchronizing of video
* DV and SDI Input Boards feature audio de-embedder with dual channel balanced audio outputs
* Built in frame synchroniser and TBC for each channel, no external genlock is required for flicker free switching between all 8 inputs - in any format
* Advanced multi-screen monitor for confident preview or each source together with next source/effect preview and program output - with overlayed tally indicator
* Up to 4 live camera input virtual studio with optional Chroma Key card
* Integrated high-capacity removable hard disk video recorders, with 250 G hard drive, up to 18 hour DV format video
* Integrated Datavideo PD-1 power distribution centre provides a simple and secure solution for connecting power in the studio or in the field from a 12V source, such as a generator
* Easy Setup, breakdown and storage at any location. Designed to be "live-in-seconds"
* Anti shock padding protects the MS-900 during transit

In the Box

SE-900 Mixer
One TLM-170 pull-out 17" monitor
ITC-100 intercom kit with 8 belt packs, headsets, and tally lights
DN-500 DV/HDV Hard Disk Drive Recorder
PD-1 Power Distributor
Aluminum case
Flip-down holder for SE-900 control panel

Input card NOT included
SE-900 video input cards selectable for your own system configuration (add-on cost applicable)


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