Onkyo TX-SR876 7.1ch AV Surround Home Theater Receiver

by Onkyo
Onkyo TX-SR876 7.1ch AV Surround Home Theater Receiver
Based on a winning design for high-definition home theater reproduction, the TX-SR876 is a comprehensive A/V processing hub with a deep reservoir of amplification power to draw on. Reveling in its new THX Ultra2 Plus certification, the TX-SR876 shows its class with a broad range of capabilities, phenomenal performance, and noticeable finesse. With its advanced HQV Reon-VX video processing-which enables upscaling to high-def 1080p-and supreme high-definition surround sound decoding, this receiver belongs in elite company. It's also one of the first receivers anywhere to employ ISF (Imaging Science Foundation) video calibration. From whatever movie, music, broadcast, or gaming source you choose, the TX-SR876 will impress time and time again.


THX(R) Ultra2 Plus(tm) Certified with THX(R) Loudness Plus(tm)

DTS-HD Master Audio(tm), DTS-HD High Resolution Audio(tm), Dolby(R) TrueHD, Dolby(R) Digital Plus Decoding

HDMI(tm) (Version 1.3a to Support Deep Color(tm), x.v.Color(tm), LipSync, Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD Master Audio(tm), DVD-Audio, and Super Audio CD)

VLSC (Vector Linear Shaping Circuitry) for All Channels

HDMI Audio and Video Processing (1080p; 4 Inputs and 2 Outputs [Main/Sub])

HDMI Video Upscaling (Up to 1080p) with HQV Reon-VX

Component Video Upscaling (Up to 1080i)

Audyssey MultEQ(tm) XT to Correct Room Acoustic Problems and to Calibrate Speakers

Audyssey Dynamic EQ(tm) for Loudness Correction

Audyssey Dynamic Volume(tm) to Maintain Optimal Listening Level and Dynamic Range

Parallel Push-Pull Amplification Design with Three-Stage Inverted Darlington Circuitry

Powered Zone 2 (Audio and Video); Zone 2 and Zone 3 Pre Outs; Independent Control for Volume, Balance (Zone 2 and Zone 3), and Bass/Treble (Zone 2 Only)

ISF (Imaging Science Foundation) Video Calibration Function

Burr-Brown 192 kHz/24-Bit Audio DACs (PCM1796) for All Channels

Three TI (Aureus(tm)) 32-Bit DSP Chips for Advanced Processing

Bi-Amping and BTL (Bridged Transless) Capability for Music and Movie Sound Effects

Onkyo RIHD (Remote Interactive over HDMI) for System Control

H.C.P.S. (High Current Power Supply) Massive High Power Transformer

WRAT (Wide Range Amplifier Technology)

Component Video Switching (3 Inputs and 1 Output)

6 Digital Inputs (3 Optical/3 Coaxial) and 1 Optical Output

A-Form Listening Mode Memory

Linear Optimum Gain Volume Circuitry

Non-Scaling Configuration

Tone Control (Bass/Treble) for All Channels

Color-Coded 7.1-Multichannel Inputs and Pre Outs

Independent Crossover Adjustment for F/C/S/SB (40/50/60/70/80/90/100/120/150/200 Hz)

Double Bass Function

6 S-Video Inputs and 2 Outputs

6 Composite Video Inputs and 2 Outputs

Front Panel Auxiliary Input (for Camcorders, Game Consoles, etc.)


250 W/Ch, 6 Ohms, 1 kHz, 1 Channel Driven, JEITA

Frequency Response: 5 Hz-100 kHz (+1 dB, -3 dB)


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