Onkyo DS-A2XW Remote Interactive iPod Dock - White

by Onkyo
Onkyo DS-A2XW Remote Interactive iPod Dock - White
The next-generation Remote Interactive Dock for the iPod, the DS-A2X, brings the iPod even closer to Onkyo's world. With the ability to accommodate video files alongside audio, the DS-A2X brings out the full potential of the latest iPod models, while delivering famed Onkyo sound quality. Through an on-screen display function that enables you to view music track lists, the RI Dock ensures easy navigation of your music via its dedicated remote control. The cradle-shaped DS-A2X, with its easy-matching black or white exterior, neatly supports the iPod and recharges it as long as the Dock remains connected to an AC power supply. It also offers a wide choice of integrated functions when connected through an Onkyo component's Remote Interactive (RI) terminal.



Superb Audio and Video Playback

Not just for music, but video and photos too

Charged and Ready to Go

Perfect as a charging station

Easier Viewing of Your Track Lists

Displays music track lists with information about artists, albums, songs and genres

Remote Interactive (RI) Capabilities

Brings Auto Selector, Time Play/Sleep Timer, Alarm functions

5th generation iPod with video; 4th generation iPod with click wheel; iPod photo; iPod mini; iPod nano
- Please note that 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation iPods are not supported.
- Updating iPod software is advised before using the DS-A2X.