Onkyo A-9555S Integrated Digital Amplifier

by Onkyo
Onkyo A-9555S Integrated Digital Amplifier
Digital amplification enables cost-saving power efficiency and supports smaller, more compact designs-obvious benefits for today's home lifestyles. However, at Onkyo, we believe that these benefits should not come at the expense of the most important consideration: sound quality. With the A-9555 integrated digital amplifier, sound quality takes precedence over all else. Thanks to Onkyo's exclusive VL (Vector Linear) Digital technology, which removes any spike noise before it can introduce errors into the inversion timing, highly accurate analog-to-digital conversion becomes possible. Also, at the heart of the A-9555 is a Pure Stream Power Supply-essentially a large power transformer-that ensures that you always have on-demand power for the clarity and detail of a range of musical genres. Integrating the fundamentals of sound reproduction with the potential of digital amplification, the A-9555 is an audio revelation.


Exclusive Onkyo VL Digital Technology

Pure Stream Power Supply

All Discrete Output Stage Circuitry

Low-Impedance, Thick Bus Plate

Optimum Gain Volume Circuitry

Precision Motor-Driven Volume Control

Tone Control (Bass, Treble, Loudness On/Off)

Pure Direct Mode

Discrete Phono Equalizer Circuitry

6 Audio Inputs and 2 Outputs

Phono Input

High-Rigidity, Anti-Resonant Chassis and Brass Stabilizers

Aluminum Volume and Selector Knobs

Speaker A/B Drive

Banana Plug-Compatible Transparent Speaker Posts

Compatible with RI Dock for the iPod

RI (Remote Interactive) Remote Control


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