Marantz SM-11S1 Reference Stereo Power Amplifier

by Marantz
Marantz SM-11S1 Reference Stereo Power Amplifier
A new member of the vaunted Reference Series, the SM-11S1 stereo power amplifier displays all the sonic benefits formerly associated only with "cost no object" components. Using entirely new as well as traditional technologies, the SM-11S1's stellar performance begins with an ability to "double down" in power output into low impedance loads. Housed in the striking Reference chassis, the SM-11S1 expands the Marantz "high performance/high style" tradition. Marantz. Nothing less is good enough.


Unique Parallel Line Layout for High Channel Separation
HDAM(R) SA3 Modules
Two-Stage Amplifier for Accurate Speaker Drive
Balanced-Input Type Voltage Amplifier & Input Buffer Amplifier
New Current Feedback Power Buffer Amplifier
High Instantaneous Current power supply with toroid transformer in aluminum case
Independent Balanced and Unbalanced gain settings
Bridge (BTL) Mode
Dual WBT Speaker Outputs
Digital Power Meter
Remote Power Control (Trigger)