Marantz PM-11S1 Reference Integrated Amplifier

by Marantz
Marantz PM-11S1 Reference Integrated Amplifier
A stunningly functional amalgam of sonic excellence and aesthetic perfection, this integrated amplifier serves both digital and analog sources for the most demanding connoisseur.


SC-7S1/MA-9S1 Inherited Design
Hybrid Toroidal Transformer
Choke Input System Power Supply Circuit
Evolved New HDAM(R) SA2 Circuits
MM/MC Phono Input
F.C.B.S (Floating Control Bus System) for Multi-Ch Configuration
Zero Noise LCD Display


The PM-11S1 fulfills the promise of no-compromise sound with the finest wideband sources as it preserves the simple yet elegant designs unique to Marantz for more than half a century. The PM-11S1's circuitry draws directly from the SC-7S1 preamplifier and MA-9S1 monoblock power amplifier. A toroidal transformer forms the heart of a prodigious multi-segmented power supply. All inputs and outputs, including the MM/MC phono, are buffered with Marantz'a HDAM-SA modules to insure satin-smooth signal transfer. A precision volume control and WBT speaker terminals merely hint at further refinements. And you can synchronize multiple PM-11S1s for the finest multi-channel music systems.