Onkyo CS-525 Liverpool 2 Speaker CD Receiver Mini System

by Onkyo
Onkyo CS-525 Liverpool 2 Speaker CD Receiver Mini System
Building on the success of Onkyo's 2007 award-winning compact audio system, the CS-525 harnesses the same audio design for an audio performance that has been compared to that of quality separate components. Specifically, at the playback stage, you have Vector Linear Shaping Circuitry (VLSC) working to remove noise from the audio signal during the conversion process. And at the amplification stage, Wide Range Amplifier Technology (WRAT) provides the foundation for a listening experience that's truly musical. Onkyo compact systems are all about continuous improvement. So you'll find a USB port for connecting to mass storage devices (such as MP3 players) and a new-look, gloss finish that earns the CS-525 some serious style credentials.


Wide Range Amplifier Technology (WRAT)

High-Current, Low-Impedance Drive

Discrete Output Stage Circuitry

Optimum Gain Volume Circuitry

2 Audio Inputs and 1 Output

Subwoofer Pre Out

Plays Audio CDs and MP3s Burned to CD-Rs and CD-RWs*

Vector Linear Shaping Circuitry (VLSC)

Wolfson Stereo DAC

4 Play Modes (Normal/Memory/Random/1 Folder)

Navigation/All Folder Modes for Selecting and Playing MP3 Files

MP3 Settings for Personal Preferences

Memory Playback (25-Track Programming)

2 Repeat Modes (Track/Full)

Front Panel USB Interface for Mass Storage Devices (Such as Flash Drives and Portable Audio Players)

4-Mode Timer (Play or Rec/Once or Every)

Sleep Timer

Preset Function with 40 FM/AM Selections

Preset Naming (Up to 8 Characters)

Manual and Automatic FM/AM tuning

FM Auto Preset

Tone Control (Bass/Treble)

Super Bass Function

Battery-Free Memory Backup

Aluminum Front Panel

FM Indoor Antenna Supplied

AM Loop Antenna Supplied

Headphone Jack

Gold-Plated Banana Plug-Compatible Transparent Speaker Posts

Compatible with Remote Interactive (RI) Dock for the iPod

RI (Remote Interactive) Remote Control

* Discs that have not been properly finalized may only be partially playable or not playable at all.


13 cm A-OMF Monocoque Diaphragm Woofer

3 cm Ring-Drive Tweeter

Gloss Finish

Aero Acoustic Drive for Powerful and Natural Sound

V-Line Edge to Counteract Unwanted Diaphragm Vibration

Magnetically Shielded