Marantz CD5003 CD Player

by Marantz
Marantz CD5003 CD Player
Compatible with CD, CD-R/RW, MP3 and WMA
New solid reference-standard chassis
CD Text on front panel display (when available)
High-quality audio output stage with HDMA SA2 in current feedback
High-quality audio components
High-quality multi-bit D/A conversion via CS4392 DAC
Pitch control off, digital out off and display off function to minimized high
frequency noise interference
Headphone output
Digital coaxial and optical outputs
Auto Music Scan
Pitch control (+/- 12 steps)
Detachable power cord
Dedicated remote and Marantz D-Bus


Reviewed by 1 Customers
Rating: 4.0
CD5003 CD Player
Rating: 4.0
By from NZ on
Have had this player for a few weeks now and find it is very good for its
price range. I bought it to use in a second system but have it fitted to
my main system at the moment instead of my Musical Fidelity A3.2. In
comparison to the A3.2 the midrange is good but the 5003 loses out a bit
at both extremes of the sound spectrum. Still quite listenable though.
The A3.2 cost me 6 times as much so I would expect it to be better! It is
head and shoulders better in all respects reproducing music than my cheap
DVD player playing CD's.

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