Marantz SA8003 Stereo Super Audio CD Player

by Marantz
Marantz SA8003 Stereo Super Audio CD Player
Purist reproduction that expresses the true essence and full emotion of music
New solid reference-standard chassis
New ZYLON loading mechanism for Super Audio CDs (stereo), CDs, CD-R/RW,
MP3 and WMA file replay
USB interface for audio playback
Audiophile-grade selected customised audio components for best balanced
Audiophile D/A conversion by the CS4398
Symmetric discrete circuit architecture with Marantz HDAM SA-2
Display Off function to minimise high-frequency noise interference
High-quality headphone amplifier with fast current buffer output
Toroidal transformer for instantaneously current delivery capability
Copper-plated chassis and back panel for lowest impedance grounding
Rigid dual-layer chassis construction eliminates virtually any mechanical
Dedicated power supplies for system blocks to A/Void any interference on
audio signal
Zero impedance matching joint for line outputs guarantees same grounding
Gold-plated outputs for best connectivity
Detachable power cord


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