Marantz SR6003 Dolby TrueHD / dts-HD Master Audio AV Receiver

by Marantz
Marantz SR6003 Dolby TrueHD / dts-HD Master Audio AV Receiver
From its sleek compound-curve front panel to the multiple control terminals, the SR6003 surround sound receiver contains a stunning array of technologies to increase your A/V enjoyment. Seven amplifier channels, each capable of delivering 100 continuous watts. Full HDMI 1.3 capability. A complete array of new processing technologies. The SR6003 demonstrates once again that Marantz leads the way to home entertainment.


With most endeavors, it's the devilish details that distinguish the great from the also-rans. And the Marantz SR6003 surround sound A/V receiver definitely ranks as one of the greats.
You'll see this immediately in the elegantly simple front panel where aluminum extrusions and glass-reinforced resin meld their respective qualities to shield internal circuitry while absorbing extraneous resonances. Only three controls interrupt the smooth three-dimensional flow - power/standby, input selection, and volume. A drop-down door hides secondary controls until you need them. The result is another visual milestone in the Marantz pantheon of superb industrial designs.

A high-density fluorescent front panel display gives you all the feedback you need to set up and operate your SR6003. In addition, a color GUI (graphical user interface) appears on your TV to help make system setup simple and error-free.

Befitting Marantz's engineering heritage, the SR6003's circuits derive operating current from a high capacity linear power supply built around an oversize EI-core transformer and Marantz-custom storage capacitors.

The seven channel in-line amplifier array keep high voltages isolated from low-level circuitry for cleaner sound. Each channel produces up to 100 continuous watts for exacting control of difficult speakers. A finned continuous aluminum heat sink keeps power transistors well within their SAO (safe area of operation) even under high-drive conditions.

The balance of the SR603's audio circuitry sits on a separate circuit board to prevent contamination by video or control signals. As an example of the dedication Marantz engineers devote to continuous refinement, we've relegated digital and analog segments to their own section of the audio board.

You'll enjoy the latest high bit-rate audio formats such as Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD in both High Resolution and Master Audio implementations, as well as DSD (the data structure behind the SA-CD) and legacy formats such as Dolby Digital, etc. thanks to an advanced Texas Instruments microprocessor.

The SR6003 lets you get the most out of these sources regardless of your home theater room by including Audyssey's remarkable MultEQ system. After "listening" to test tones sent to all your speakers, it provides a virtually perfect acoustical environment for up to six individual seats. In addition, MultEQ detects speaker wiring errors resulting in "out of phase" performance losses, automatically configures bass management for ideal integration of subwoofers and full range speakers, and calculates proper delays and speaker levels to produce the best possible surround soundfield.

Marantz's proprietary M-DAX (Marantz Dynamic Audio eXpander) makes even compressed audio signals (MP3 files, AM/FM broadcasts, etc.) sound closer to CDs than you ever thought possible. As it dynamically analyzes a compressed signal, MDAX recreates the missing high frequency spectrum for your enhanced enjoyment.

You'll probably appreciate MDAX most when you take advantage of the SR6003's front panel USB input. Not only will you have easy access to your favorite playlists, but they'll sound better, too!

Video performance? It's every bit equal to the SR6003's audio circuitry. Three HDMI inputs, all version 1.3 capable, and two HDMI outputs help you connect your high definition TVs to the newest source components. The SR6003's wide-bandwidth HDMI circuitry is ready to bring you advances like Deep Color and xvYCC Color Space for visual reality that exceeds your expectations. Need more HDMI inputs? Just add a Marantz VS3002 for up to eight HDMI sources.

For older but still valued analog video sources, the SR6003 includes extensive video format conversion and scaling capabilities thanks to the new i-Chips Technology video signal converter. This remarkable VSC accepts any video signal from 480i to 1080i and upscales it to the resolution of your choice. It even provides HDMI output for lower-resolution signals. So you'll even be able to convert 480i images to full 1080p format and view your videotapes through the HDMI link to your high definition TV. How's that for maximum enjoyment?

You'll also find dual component video outputs for additional TVs either in the same room or in different areas of your home. These complement analog and digital Zone 2 audio outputs, making the SR6003 an ideal starting point for a whole-house entertainment system.

The SR6003 provides inputs for either XM or Sirius adaptor so you can enjoy your choice of satellite programming. (Yes, you'll need a subscription to the service of your choice.)

Other conveniences include an updated backlit remote controller, the ability to lock out front panel controls so your favorite settings can't be disturbed by accident, and a shorter chassis that fits easily in a rack or on a shelf. A variety of system integration options (RS-232 communications port, DC trigger output, and a flasher input) let you enjoy your SR6003 in any system from a simple one-room theater to the most complex multi-zone entertainment system.

Although its capabilities are superb, please remember that each feature in the SR6003 wasn't included just for the sake of "bragging rights". Instead, Marantz engineers carefully examined each circuit and operational aspect to assure both superb performance and easy access.

No, we didn't design the SR6003 for spec sheets. We designed it to bring you the quality you deserve. That's what has made Marantz a premier home entertainment icon for almost six decades. And it's what you can put your trust in today.


Sophisticated new aluminum/reinforced resin front panel
High Bit Rate Audio capability: Dolby TrueHD, dts-HD Master Audio
HDMI v1.3a repeating (3 in/2 out)
Audyssey MultEQ
M-DAX for compressed audio
USB input for Audio playback
Simple color GUI
10bit Video converter to HDMI (interlaced to progressive and scaler)
Dual HDMI and component video outputs
Analog and digital multi-zone outputs
In-line seven channel amplifiers/High definition audio design
New FL display
Updated LCD backlit Learning remote controller
16" Shallow chassis
Various control interfaces: RS-232C, Flasher in, DC trigger)
Multiple radio system (AM/FM/XM/SIRIUS)


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