Canon 15x45 IS Binocular

by Canon
Canon 15x45 IS Binocular
Canon's new 15x45 IS binoculars deliver world-class optical imaging technology in a compact and lightweight yet durable package. Engineered to ensure maximum comfort and ease of use, the contoured body is coated with water-resistant, textured rubber to fit securely in your hands while guarding against the elements. As Canon's new top-of-the-line model, the 15x45 IS is a high-powered system offering 15x magnification and a wide 67 degree field of view. Equipped with Canon's innovative Optical Image Stabilizer system, these remarkable binoculars automatically adjust and compensate for minor vibrations and shaking and provide steady viewing, even in moving vehicles. The center mounted focus control is easily accessible from either hand. And once in focus, objects remain crisp and smooth thanks to Canon's unique Doublet Field Flattener technology, which dramatically reduces image distortion common to other high-magnification binoculars. When you need the world up close, look into the new Canon 15x45 IS. You'll clearly see what we're talking about.


15x Magnification provides superb distance viewing of a wide range of activities for the hobbyist or professional. State-of-the-art technology make the 15x45 IS the perfect choice for any long distance need.

Built-in Image Stabilizer Technology, first developed for video camcorders and lenses, has been incorporated into the 15x45 IS to deliver shake-free performance. Independent sensors and a dedicated microprocessor continuously adjust the prism to maintain a steady image.

Advanced Optical Design utilizing ultra-low dispersion (UD) glass and Super Spectra Coating ensures clear images and accurate color.

The Large Diameter Objective Lens provides bright images, making the 15x45 IS the perfect choice for the star gazing enthusiast.

Doublet Field Flattener technology built into the eyepiece lens eliminates image distortion and curvature effects - even at the periphery.

Long 15mm Eye Relief means even eyeglass wearers can view the entire field without vignetting, thus minimizing eye strain.

Wide Field of View provides a more expansive view of 67 degrees, making it easy to locate subjects.

Advanced Ergonomic Design means the 15x45 IS is compact, lightweight, and easy to hold, tipping the scales at a mere 36 ounces. Its water resistant coating makes it ideal for marine use or in the rain.


Type: Prism binoculars
Magnification: 15x
Objective lens diameter: 45mm
Filter threads: None
Actual field of view: 4.5 degrees
(Field of view at 1000 yds.: 256 ft.)
Optical configuration:
Objective lens: 3 elements in groups (UD element for G2)
Eyepiece lens: 7 elements in 5 groups (wide-field type)
Exit pupil diameter: 3mm
Eye relief: 15mm (Long eye relief)
Prism type: Roof-prism
Coating: Super Spectra Coating
Eye-width adjustment range: 60mm-70mm
Focus/diopter adjustment mechanisms:
Focusing systems: Eyepiece lens extension
Focusing method: Manual focusing by turning a focus adjustment knob
Left-right diopter deviation adjustment system: Right-eye eyepiece lens extension system
Left-right diopter deviation adjustment range: +/-3 dpt
Closest focusing distance: 6m (19.7ft.) (eyepiece lens extension amount: 6mm)
Vibration compensation function:
Image stabilizer system: Optical compensation system using vari-angle system
Compensation angle: x0.72x
Vibration detection system: Two vibration gyro sensors (yaw, pitch)
Power consumption: 1.2 watts
Power source: Two AA-size batteries (Lithium, alkaline or NiCd)
Battery check: Via LED indicator lamp on top of unit
Operating temperature and humidity range: -10oC to +45oC (+14oF to +112oF), up to 90% humidity
Product Code: D79-0001