Tonghui TH1913A Digital AC Millivoltmeter

by Tonghui
Tonghui TH1913A Digital AC Millivoltmeter
40,500 reading display
AC voltage test, frequency range : 5Hz-3MHz,5Hz-5MHz
Many test display functions : Absolute value: mV ˴ V˴ W ˴ dBm ˴ dBV ˴ dBmV ˴ dBmV ˴ Vp-p
Relative value : dB ˴ % ˴ Max/Min
Bright large screen VFD display
A digit in main display and sub-display can load other readings
Test speed is up to 12.5 times/second
ACV test accuracy is up to 1% and the resolution is up to 0.1µV
Selection of ground and float
Calibration without uncovering
Standard RS232C interface


In the Box

TH19001 BNC 50 Ohm cable leads
TH19002 test probe with the safe standard
3 core power lead