Tonghui TH1951 Digital Multimeter

by Tonghui
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Tonghui TH1951 Digital Multimeter
5 1/2 digit display 119,999 counts
12 different measurement capabilities : DCV/ACV, DCI/ACI, Ohm2W/ Ohm4W, Frequency/Period, Diode Test, Continuity, dB/dBm
High brightness vacuum fluorescent display
True-rms AC voltage and current measurement, bandwidth up to 100kHz
DCV measurement accuracy up to 0.0035%, resolution up to 0.1uV
Max. measurement rate : 1000 meas/sec
Equal accuracy frequency measurement up to 1.1MHz
Relative mode (REL) to eliminate residual reading
2 W, 4W resistance measurement mode selectable
Built-in mX +b,%, dB, dBm etc mathematics calculation function
512 readings storage and MAX/MIN/AVER/STD statistics
Up to 30,000 readings storage (without statistics)
HI/IN/LO comparator function
USB, BPIB and RS-232 Interfaces
Calibration without opening the case
10 sets of multimeter setup can be stored and loaded


In the Box

TH26036 test leads one pair (black and red)
RS232C interface
TH26034 RS232C interface cable
Power cord