Tonghui TH2819XB Automatic Transformer Tester

by Tonghui
Tonghui TH2819XB Automatic Transformer Tester
320 x 240 dot-matrix large graphics LCD display
Measurement frequency from 20Hz to 200kHz, with resolution of 10mHz
4 different signal source output impedance
Basic accuracy of 0.1%
Open, Short and Load correction
0V, 1.5V and 2V internal DC bias voltage
20 sets of instrument settings saved and loaded
40 sets of transformer scanning settings saved and loaded
Optional +/-10V(+/-100mA) and 1A internal DC bias source
Standard RS232C interface and USB interface


In the Box

TH26005B 4 terminal test fixture
TH26011A 4 terminal Kelvin test clip leads
TH26004B 2 terminals test clip leads
TH26016 Transform scan control cable
TH2801-001 Foot switch
TH26010 Gilded shorting plate
TH26025 USB Interface Board
TH1901B Manual transformer scanning fixture
TH1801-EXT11A 5mm DIP test socket