Tonghui TH2825 High Speed LCR Meter

by Tonghui
Tonghui TH2825 High Speed LCR Meter


Ultrahigh measurement speed : 15ms (frequency>=100Hz)
240 x 64 dot-matrix LCD display
Humanization operation board
10 typical frequencies from 50Hz to 100kHz
Programmable test level from 10mVrms to 1.0Vrms
Built-in bias voltage source from -5VDC to +5VDC or max. DC bias current source of 200mA
Accurate load correction
5 selectable source impedance modes
List sweep function for up to 4 frequencies, signal levels and DC bias levels
Measurement signal V/I monitor function
Transformer parameter measurement function (only for TH2825A)
Built-in 10-bin comparator, sorting and bin counter
Hi/Go/Low comparison function and beeper alarm
Key lock function
Automatic LCZ function
10 sets of measurement parameters saved
Measurement parameters automatically loaded at the time of turning on instrument
Handler interface compatible with Agilent 4263B
IEEE-488 control command compatible with Agilent 4263B


Dimension : 350mm x 122mm x 418mm
Net weight : 4.5 kg


In the Box

TH26005A 4-terminal Test Fixture
TH26011A 4-terminal Kelvin Test Cable
TH26010 Gilded Shorting Plate