Tonghui TH1775 DC Bias Current Source

by Tonghui
Tonghui TH1775 DC Bias Current Source
MPU control
20 x 2 large character LCD display with backlight
Frequency bandwidth : 1KHz - 1MHz
0 to 20A current output, max power output 150 W
Directly controllable by TH2816A, TH2817A, TH2818, and TH2819
Low additional error , wide frequency bandwidth
Auto or manual current sweep output
Single, multi and equal interval current output modes
DC current output with forward or reverse
0 to 99s delay time setup


Frequency Bandwidth : 50Hz-200Hz
Impedance Range : wL < 2k Ohm, L<8/I (H)
Current Accuracy : +-1% of reading +-3 counts
Output Voltage Range : 0-8 V
Additional error : <= 1%
Current Output Mode : Single, multi and Equal interal current output
Sweep Mode : Manual, Auto(Return sweep available)
Sweep Points : 2-15 points
Delay Time : 0 to 99s setup
Warm-up Time : 20 minutes
Working Time : continuous work up to 24 hours
Optional Interface : RS232C (used for LCR meter control ), GPIB


In the Box

TH26004E-1 DC bias link cable
TH26013 DC bias test clip leads
TH2881-001 Foot switch