Tonghui TH2818 Automatic Component Analyzer

by Tonghui
Tonghui TH2818 Automatic Component Analyzer
320 x 240 dot-matrix large graphics LCD display
20 Hz to 300 kHz test frequencies with 10mHz resolution
Frequency response analysis and curve display function
2 different signal source output impedance : 30 Ohm and 100 Ohm
Open, Short, and Load correction functions
10 points list sweep function
Built-in comparator; 10-bin and bin counters
Test signal level monitor function
Automatic level control function for V and I
20 control setting files can be saved in the internal non-volatile memory
RS232C interface
0V, 1.5 V and 2 V internal DC bias voltage
Capable to operate with TH1773/TH1775 external DC bias current source


Test Parameter : |Z|, |Y|, C, L, X, B, R, G, D, Q, Theta
DCR, Turn-Ratio, Phase

Test Frequency :
20 Hz to 300 KHz ,Resolution:10mHz,

Test Level Range :
Normal: 5mV to 2V, Turn-Ratio: 5mV to 4V
Resolution:1mV, Accuracy:5%

Output impedance :
Turn-Ratio <=2Vrms:10 Ohm ; >2Vrms:30 Ohm
Others 30 Ohm and100 Ohm selectable

Basic accuracy : 0.05%
Measuring Time (>= 1KHz) : Fast :32ms, Med: 90ms, Slow:650 ms
Equivalents Circuit : Series and Parallel
Ranging Mode : Auto and Hold
Trigger Mode : Internal,Manual and External
Averaging Rate : 1 - 255
Correction Function : Open, Short and Load
Internal DC bias source : 0V, 1.5V, 2V, Accuracy:1%
Comparator function : 10 bins and bin couters
Memory : 20 groups of control setting can be saved


In the Box

TH26005B 4-terminal Test Fixture
TH26011A 4-terminal Kelvin Test Clip Leads
TH26004B 2-terminal Test Clip Leads
TH26010 Gilded Shorting Plate