Tonghui TH1773 DC Bias Current Source

by Tonghui
Tonghui TH1773 DC Bias Current Source
MPU control
20x2 large character LCD display with backlight
Frequency bandwidth : 50 Hz - 200 kHz
0 to 10A current output, max power output 90 W
Directly controllable by TH2816A, TH2817A, TH2818, and TH2819
Low additional error, wide frequency bandwidth
Auto or manual current sweep output
Single, multi and equal interval current output modes
DC current output with forward or reverse
0 to 99s delay time setup


Frequency Bandwidth : 50Hz-200Hz
Impedance Range : wL < 2k Ohm, L<8/I (H)
Current Accuracy : +-1% of reading +-3 counts
Output Voltage Range : 0-8 V
Additional error : <= 1%
Current Output Mode : Single, multi and Equal interal current output
Sweep Mode : Manual, Auto(Return sweep available)
Sweep Points : 2-15 points
Delay Time : 0 to 99s setup
Warm-up Time : 20 minutes
Working Time : continuous work up to 24 hours
Optional Interface : RS232C (used for LCR meter control ), GPIB


In the Box

TH26004E-1 DC bias link cable
TH26013 DC bias test clip leads
TH2881-001 Foot switch