Tonghui TH2819A Precision LCR Meter

by Tonghui
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Tonghui TH2819A Precision LCR Meter
Frequency from 20Hz to 200kHz
Frequency resolution of 10mHz
Wide test signal level range from 5mV to 2V
Measurement speed up to 32ms/time
1.5V/2V internal bias voltage
Optional +/-10V (+/-100mA) and 1A internal DC bias source
6-digit resolution


Test Parameter : |Z|, |Y|, C, L, X, B, R, G, D, Q, Theta ,DCR, Turn-Ratio, Phase
Test Frequency : 20Hz to 200KHz,
Resolution : 10mHz, Accuracy: 0.01%
Test Level Range - Regular : 5mV to 2V, Turn-ratio : 5mV to 4 V, resolution : 1mV, Accuracy : 5%
Output Impedance : 30 Ohm and 100 Ohm selectable
Basic accuracy : 0.05%
Measuring time (>=1kHz) - Fast: 32ms, Med: 90ms, Slow: 650ms
Equivalent Circuit : Series and Parallel
Ranging Mode : Auto and Hold
Trigger Mode : Internal, Manual, External and Bus
Averaging Rate : 1-255
Power supply : Voltage 99V-121V, 198V-242V, Frequency 47.5Hz-63Hz
Working Temperature and Humidity : 0oC - 40oC, <=90%RH
Power Consumption : <= 80VA
Dimensions (WxHxD) : 400mm x 132mm x 385mm
Weight : 10kg


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