Tonghui TH2828A Precision LCR Meter

by Tonghui
Tonghui TH2828A Precision LCR Meter


Auto balance bridge method with the most wide impedance measurement range
4-terminal pair configure for removing electromagnetic couple of test leads
Measurement frequency from 20Hz to 1MHz
TH2828A has 44 typical frequencies
Basic accuracy : 0.1 %
Measurement speed up to 25ms/time @1MHz
320 x 240 dot-matrix large graphic LCD display
6-digit resolution
22 impedance parameter combinations measured
Output Impedance : 30 Ohm and 100 Ohm selectable
10 points list sweep function
External DC bias 40A (equipped with two TH1775)
Automatic level control function for voltage and current (ALC)
Test signal level monitor function for voltage and current
20 sets of instrument settings saved and loaded
Built-in comparator, 10-bin sorting, bin counter
RS232C, HANDLER interface


In the Box

TH26005C 4-terminal Test Fixture
TH26011B 4-terminal Pair Kelvin Test Clip Leads
TH26010 Gilded Shorting Plate