Tonghui TH2810D LCR Meter

by Tonghui
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Tonghui TH2810D LCR Meter
Large character LCD display with backlight
Easy operation with strong functions
SMT surface mount technic
Fast measurement speed (80mS/meas)
Good Readout stability
2 signal source output impedance : 30 Ohm, 100 Ohm
5 Bins comparator and
RS-232C interface and HANDLER interface
Optional RS232C operation software


Measurement parameter : L-Q, C-D, R-Q, Z-Q
Basic accuracy : 0.1%
Equivalents circuit : series, parallel
Mathematical function : deviation, percent deviation
Rang model : auto, hold
Trigger model : internal, manual and external
Measurement speed - fast : 12, med : 5.1, slow : 2.5 times/second
Calibration function : open/short sweep correction
Measurement terminal : 5-termainal
Display model direct, dABS, d%
Display large character : LCD with backlight
Signal frequency : 100Hz, 120Hz, 1KHz, 10KHz
Out impedance : 30, 100
Test level : 0.1Vrms, 0.3Vrms, 1Vrms
Power supply : 99V-121V, 198V-242V,47.5Hz-63-Hz
Power consumption : <=2 VA
Dimensions (W X H X D) : 270mm x 139mm x 290mm
Net weight : 3.5Kg


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