Epson EMP-DM1 Projector

by Epson
Epson EMP-DM1 Projector
A portable all-in-one projector capable of processing various digital contents (movies, photo slideshows, presentations, music and more), EMP-DM1 spices up a gathering with friends and loved ones with minimal fuss!


Featuring a built-in DVD/CD player and surround speakers, get maximum enjoyment with minimum fuss, as you only need a single power cable to plug in and play. No more messy power cables or complex set-ups required for your own home theatre system

Lightweight and Portable
Giving you ease of mobility, EMP-DM1 comes with a handle for easy transport. Weighing in at just 3.8kg, EMP-DM1 is the lightest in its class. Great for all occasions - use it anywhere in the house, while you're outdoors, or in the office

The Multi-functional Whiz
There's so much you can do with EMP-DM1. Spend great moments with family and friends. Watch movie, home videos, photo slide shows and listen to music from audio CD or a USB storage device. You can even have your gaming sessions on EMP-DM1, or conduct business presentations

Compatible with a variety of data formats - get easy access to DVD, VCD, DivX, JPEG and studio formats including Audio CD, MP3 and WMA music.

Quick and Easy USB Playback
EMP-DM1 supports USB playback. Expand your options by accessing JPEG files, MP3 and WMA audio formats, and DivX video files through your USB storage devices

Powerful Audio Quality with Integrated Surround Speakers
High performance built-in virtual surround speakers give you pristine audio quality. No more multiple set-ups needed for a great entertainment experience

User-Friendly Pre-Set Colour and Audio Modes
Choose from any of the pre-set colour modes to attain the perfect colour and brightness for any image or environment. Pick an audio mode that gives you a great audio experience, just as you like it. These modes are easy to understand and allow for customization to suit individual tastes

Short Throw Lens with 1.35X Digital Zoom
This gives you flexible placement options; have EMP-DM1 on the coffee table, at the back of the room, or wherever you want it to be. Also ideal for small room settings, you never have to worry about making EMP-DM1 work in any physical space

Glow-In-The-Dark Integrated Remote Control
It's the details that distinguishes great products, from merely good ones. Glow-in-the-dark integrated remote control access to the DVD player and projection settings makes ut easy for you to manipulate the viewing experience, right where you are

Convenient 'Break' function
Epson's innovative features add convenience and style to your viewing and listening experience. Use the 'Break' button to pause the action, and fade the screen to white whenever you need a break


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