Epson EMP-400W Projector

by Epson
Epson EMP-400W Projector
With the EMP-400W ultra-short focus projector designed for use in classrooms and small rooms, you can always expect outstanding performance and support for all your presentation needs. With its ultra -short focus lens, EMP-400W is the ideal choice for great projection quality at breathtaking short focal distances.


Ultra-Short Focus Projector: Less Space, More Effectiveness
The EMP-400W is a great teaching aid that works seamlessly with available classroom facilities, such as the whiteboard, to deliver a great learning experience.

Impressive Screen Size at Close Range with Ultra-Short Focus Lens
The newly developed, ultra-large high precision lens allows EMP-400W to project a 60-inch screen from a distance as short as 65cm, with its width to length ratio at 16:10.

No more Distracting Shadows that Affects Visibility
Great for use in a classroom setting, EMP-400W's ultra-short lens allows users to attach it directly on the whiteboard. This reduces the creation of distracting shadows and silhouettes when presenters stand within the projection distance of a ceiling mounted projector.

As the EMP-400W projects from up close, the presenter will now be able to move freely without affecting the visibility of his or her audience.

More Efficient Use of Space
Most conventional projectors must be placed right in the middle of the table or far back in the rooms so that images can be projected effectively. Inevitably, this reduces the area of available space on the table, or in the room that could be utilized to better advantage. With this in mind, EMP-400W is the ideal choice for users as its short focal distance provides more flexible placement options and this in turn maximizes efficient use of space.

An Impressive Viewing Experience with WXGA Presentations
EMP-400W supports the wide XGA (1280 x 800 pixels) format, which is now commonly available in most mainstream PCs. With the WXGA format, you can now achieve an impressive screen size with wider and larger images, paving the way for a more powerful viewing experience.

Powerful Built-in Audio Speakers
Powerful built-in 10W audio speaker provides great audio quality that enhances your presentation. Save cost on external speakers and the EMP-400W has appropriate adjustments to ensure that voices are clearly audible for recording if necessary.

Network Functionality that Provides Great Convenience and Seamless Control
Oversee and control a projector or even multiple projectors via a remote LAN connected PC. With the PC as the remote controller, users can switch on or off the projector's power source, control and monitor the lamp and temperature conditions. With this feature, users can monitor the projector's status and identify problems before they occur, minimising disruption and inconvenience caused by unexpected operational problems.

Complete Anti-theft Security Features
The projector comes equipped with great security features such as a Kensington lock, security bar and operation panel cover. The study security bar allows owners to secure the projector with an anti-theft cable or chain, while the operation panel cover makes it impossible for unauthorised persons to operate the projector without the remote controller.

Easy Maintenance even for Ceiling Mounted Projector
Enjoy ease of maintenance with the EMP-400W as its great design makes it easy for users to replace air filter and lamp, even if it's installed in hard to reach places.


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