Epson EMP-6110 Projector

by Epson
Epson EMP-6110 Projector
Whatever the conditions, you can expect what is now a standard set by Epson - groundbreaking technology, great performance, excellent value, reliability and efficiency.


Features that Save You Time and Energy
Filter and lamp changes take place without removing the projector from the ceiling mount - 5 minutes is all you need to make the change. This saves you time and effort, ant enables you to get on with more important things.

The one-touch Direct Power-On and Off function means the EMP-6110 is activated automatically when the power plug is connected or switched off at the source. No need to switch on the projector's start up button - great news for ceiling-mounted projectors!

Reduce Costs with increased Lamp Life
The EMP-6110 series uses lamps that last 1.4 times longer compared to conventional lamps. With a lamp life of up to 4000 hours in low brightness mode, you get great performance with lower operational costs!

Enjoy a Cinematic Experience Even with Limited Space
A 1.6x zoom lens as standard means that the image size can be adjusted and fitted to accommodate a variety of screen positions and sizes. This means total space flexibility, total experience immersion and a great experience whatever the space. You can now also project on a full 60" screen from a distance of just 1.8m - perfect for environments where space is limited.

Anti-Theft and Security Features
The new security bar provides an additional safe guard against theft allowing the projector to be secured to any ceiling mounted metal fixtures.

To minimize unauthorized usage, Epson's 3 password protected functions of Power-On Protect, User's Logo Protect, and Timer Protect ensure your projectors are safe with a password only you have access to. The operational key lock feature also sevures the control panel buttons** to avoid accidental tempering of your settings, giving you complete peace of mind.

Operate Multiple Projectors Individually
By allocating a unique ID code to each projector, you can control multiple projectors individually with a single remote controller. This is easily accomplished by selecting the ID code of the specific projector you would like to operate at any point of time.

Network Functionality
Epson's EMP Monitor software lets you keep an eye on multiple EMP-6110's simultaneously via a LAN connection. From whatever location, you can monitor the state of the other projectors and know whether the power is on / off, the input signal being projected and other valuable information to ensure a smooth presentation. The network function has a centralized remote monitoring and email alert system, enabling you to control your Epson projector, via a remote LAN connected PC.

Great Performance Whatever the Conditions
The new dust and smoke-resistant* feature means you get the level of usage that you expect with no downtime - even in the harshest conditions, brightness is uncompromised.

Epson's cleverly designed electrostatic filter absorbs dust particles and smoke. Working in tandem with the sealed mechanism, this technology ensures that dust or smoke is prevented from reaching the lens and affecting the quality of your projection.

Air Filter Cleaning Notifications
The cleaning notification function alerts you when it is time to clean or replace the air filter via an onscreen alert as well as a LED indicator on the projector body. With all these great features, maintenance becomes easier and much more efficient!

*Optional smoke filter required

** except for the Power button


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