Epson EMP-1715 Projector

by Epson
Epson EMP-1715 Projector
Epson, the world leader in Data Projectors is focused on increasing ease of use with the 3 worlds first in the wireless projector series, EMP-1715 and EMP-1705. Make an impact now, with the advanced wireless technology on your business performance and takes on any challenging needs.


Bold, Bright & Beautiful with 3LCD Technology
Epson's 3LCD technology enables you to enjoy smoother, sharper video playback with more vibrant, natural images. Images are clearer and easier on the eye without any dither noise or colour break-up common in other projector technology in the market.

Multiscreen Display - Wireless
Projecting images has never been so easy. Now featuring multiscreen display this series allows you to network up to 4 projectors wirelessly with just one remote computer. Use this function to perform multiscreen presentations and present landscape images which will definitely impress your audience.

Movie Sending with Sound
Add that extra dimension to your presentations with Epson's "Movie Sending" feature. Reproduce smooth images and sound in high quality full screen size from data received from your network wirelessly!

Only compatible with MPEG 2 files

PC Free Presentation
Connect a memory device containing your pictures, movies or presentation to the USB port and start projecting. There is no need to carry a PC! With
the wireless series, you can play data saved in various formats such as Jpeg, PowerPoint converted scenario files, or Mpeg2 animated image files without a computer. Simply operate the screen using the remote control or operation panel. The two models are also compatible with storage devices such as MP3 players and digital cameras so adding punch to your presentations has never been easier.

Network Functionality
In cases where a wireless connection is not possible due to security issues, the network functionality feature in the wireless series allows you to give presentations using a LAN cable connection. It also lets you monitor and manage the projector from a remote PC.

Optional Ethernet Unit (ELPAP02) required.

Peace of Mind with Advanced Wireless Security Functions
Wireless Intruder Protection controls network screen functions and prevents unauthorised interference from outside sources. The WPA-PSK and the new WPA-EAP (Enterprise Mode) compatibility guarantee peace of mind.

Quick Start-Up & Instant Off
The Direct Power-On function is activated automatically when the power plug is connected. Combined with the 5-second start-up time, this
unique feature allows you to get your presentation up and running in a flash. It's just as quick when it is time to go Epson's "Instant Off" feature means no cool-down time is required. Simply hit the power button and unplug the power cable after your presentation.

A/V Mute Slide - For Smoother Presentations
Simply slide the A/V mute cover across and pause projection temporarily. The audience can then focus on you, or other elements of your presentation. Fan noise is minimised when the slide is closed, while the
projector light is suspended temporarily allowing you to take advantage of the white board without light distracting your audience.

Auto Keystone Correction
Auto Keystone Correction automatically detects the projector's vertical angle with +/-30o and adjusts the vertical keystone distortion instantly

Security Functions
Power-On protect / User's Logo Protect / Timer Protect / Key Lock

With three password protect functions and key lock functionality, the EMP-1715 have your security concerns covered. So, regardless of theft or mischief, your projector is protected with these innovative security functions

Single-Foot Release Lever
The well-balanced single-foot has an easily accessible release lever which allows the user to adjust the projection level with just one hand

Innovative E-TORL Lamp
Epson's innovative E-TORL lamp system eliminates light leakage and minimises light defraction, giving you superior resolution and image quality.

The system combines an ellipsoidal reflector with an aspherical lens and a hemispherical mirror to produce a lamp that is as small as it is efficient.


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