Epson EMP-1825 Projector

by Epson
Epson EMP-1825 Projector
Combining style and functionality, Epson's EMP-1825 is the perfect partner for all your presentation needs.


"Quick Setup" Function
No more complicated menus and adjustments to set up your presentation. With just the push of one button, EMP-1825/1810 automatically adjusts focus, interprets screen form and modifies both vertical and horizontal images accordingly. EMP-1825/1810's "Quick Set-up" button - one easy step for perfect screen dimensions every time.

Instant Off
Epson's "Instant Off" feature means no cool-down time is required. Simply hit the power button and unplug the power cable after your presentation and you're ready to go! Fast, easy and convenient.

Direct Power-On/Off
Start and end your presentation with style. Impress the audience by connecting the projector into the room's main power source so that when you turn on the lights the projector is also activated. And when you're done with the presentation, just turn off the EMP-1825/1810's directly without having to wait for it to cool down.

A/V Mute Slide For Smoother Presentation
Simply slide the A/V mute cover across and pause projection temporarily. The audience can then focus on you, or other elements of your presentation. Fan noise is minimised when the slide is closed, while the projector light is suspended temporarily - allowing you to take advantage of the white board without distractions.

Powerful 5W Speaker
EMP-1825/1810's powerful built-in-speaker produces great volume and sound and eliminates the need for external sound systems in many settings.

Compatible with Windows Vista 'Network Projector' Function
No more fiddling with proprietary software! The built-in 'Network projector' function in Windows Vista+ enables you to connect wirelessly to the EMP-1825 effortlessly with just a few clicks. Enjoy the benefits of wireless presentation with minimum fuss.

+Except 'Home Basic Edition

Network Functionality
With a LAN connection, the projector alerts you by email if it is not functioning properly or need attention. The power to control and monitor multiple projectors is at your fingertips.

Advanced Wireless Security
Get advanced wireless network security options that offer all the protection you need. While still compatible with the WPA-PSK platform, EMP-1825 now also supports the new WPA-EAP (Enterprise Mode) platform.

PC Free Presentation
Connect a memory device containing your pictures, movies or presentation to the USB port and start projecting. For projectors installed in hard to reach places, you can also easily and conveniently rewrite the data on the CF card via a network.

Simply operate the screen using the remote control or operation panel. EMP-1825 is also compatible with storage devices such as MP3 players and digital cameras so adding punch to your presentations has never been easier


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