Epson EMP-83H Projector

by Epson
Epson EMP-83H Projector
With an impeccable array of reliable and convenient functions, Epson's EMP-83H is the presentation partner you can count on.


A/V Mute Slide
Simply slide the A/V mute cover across and pause projection temporarily. The audience can then focus on you, or other elements of your presentation. Fan noise is minimized when the slide is closed, while the projector light is suspended temporarily - allowing you to take advantage of the white board without distractions.

"Instant Off" Quick Shutdown
Simply press the power-off button, unplug the power cable immediately after "beep" sound. No cool down time is required. It's easy, fast and convenient.

Direct Power On/Off
Start your presentation in style with style. Impress the audience by connecting the projector into the room's main power source so that when you switch on the lights, the projector is also activated.

Powerful 10W Speaker
The built-in 10W speaker is powerful enough to deliver rich and clear sound to a class of 30 people with no external speakers or amplifier needed.

Innovative E-TORL Lamp
(E-TORL: Epson-Twin Optimize Reflection Lamp)

Epson developed small, high performance "E-TORL" lamps efficiently gather and project light to effectively eliminate light leakage and minimizes light diffraction.

The system combines an ellipsoidal reflector with an aspherical lens and a hemispherical mirror to produce a lamp so small and highly efficient that it is ahead of its time.

Longer Lamp Life
Lasting up to 4000 hours, the EMP-83H gives you a longer lamp life than before. This translates to lower running costs, giving you better economic value for extended usage.

Easy Lamp Change
The lamp can be replaced easily by simply accessing it from the hatch on the top of the projector. The hatch on the top of the projector is removed by merely loosening 1 screw. Ceiling-mounted projectors lamps can be changed without having to remove it from the ceiling.

Auto Keystone Correction
This function automatically detects the projector's vertical angle with +/- 30o and adjusts the vertical keystone distortion instantly within one second. It is easy to use and saves time.

Network Functionality
Oversee and control the state of a projector from a remote LAN connected PC. The PC acts as remote controller, allowing you to turn the power on and off, change between sources, control and monitor the lamp and temperature conditions, and identify any potential problems that may arise.

Low Power Consumption
It uses a low 231W during operation and just 5.8W when on standby mode. With an environmentally-conscious, energy-conserving design, it will shut the power off automatically if the slide has been closed.

This numerical value is for 200-240 volt region. Consumption is 248W and 4.1W in 100-120 volt region.

Security Functions: Tough Security Bar, Password Protect & Kensington Lock
EMP-83H have a built-in, tough security bar as a reliable countermeasure against theft. Password protection and a Kensington Lock are also built-in to give peace of mind when used in high traffic venues.


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