Ansso DLM-C1080AJ 8-inch LCD Monitor

by Ansso
Ansso DLM-C1080AJ 8-inch LCD Monitor
Ansso 8-inch TFT LCD Color Monitor


DLM-C1080A S-video/Composite video/VGA/TALLY
DLM-C1080AJ with JVC DV Mount


Display 8-inch TFT-LCD
LCD Dimensions 162 x 121.5mm
Resolution 800 x (RGB) x 600
Contrast Ratio 450:1
Brightness 300 cd/m2
Vision Angle 90 Deg H 90 Deg V
Signal Input S-video/Composite video/VGA/TALLY
Audio Double soundtrack input and output
Power Supply DC12V or 7V - 17V Battery
Approx Weight 1.75 kg


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