Dynacore DCB-670 Camera Case - Black

Dynacore DCB-670 Camera Case - Black
Dynacore DCB-670 (Black) offers a series of camera bags for professional camcorder and digital camcorder. Expert notion, the use of sophisticated materials such as Nylon 1680D and solid hardware, water-proof and shock-proof design provide your equipment with a maximum protection and gives you convenience when carrying and traveling.


Exterior Dimensions: 69(L)*27(W)*32(H)cm
Interior Dimensions: 67(L)*20(2)*28(H)cm

Also fit to:

Canon XL-1
Canon XL-1S
Panasonic AJ-D200
Panasonic AJ-D210
Panasonic AJ-D215
Panasonic AJ-D610
Panasonic AJ-D610WA
Panasonic AJ-D700
Panasonic AJ-D800
Panasonic AJ-D810
Panasonic AJ-D900
Panasonic AJ-D910
Panasonic AJ-D913
Sony DSR-130P
Sony DSR-135P
Sony DSR-250
Sony DSR-300
Sony DSR-370
Sony DSR-390
Sony DSR-500
Sony DSR-570
Sony DSR-590


Reviewed by 2 Customers
Rating: 4.5
Case for my Sony HDV 1000P
Rating: 5.0
By from France on
Good and strong case, with large place to carry my camera
you can carry by hand or on shoulder
good quality
impressive product
Rating: 4.0
By from Botswana on
I find it one of the best camera cases. It's spacious, well partitioned
and cushioned to cater for a number of camera accessories. This is a
beautiful case for video enthusiasts who care about their camcorders

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