K&H C5-002 Powermate Flash Kit

by K&H
K&H C5-002 Powermate Flash Kit
AC/DC Dual Voltage suitable for taking picture at home or outside;
Precise in dimension, convenient to handle;
Equipped with built -in Charging function, do not need carry charging device separately;
High technology and no menory batteries suitable for charging repeatly;
Car cigarette cord included can be used to supply power when the battery of powermate is out of power.


Specification of CY-18ZLXT -
Recharge voltage: AC88-240V/50-60Hz
Recharge time: 6-8 hours
Cigarette lighter input voltage: DC12V
Flash times per battery charge: CY-300JZL
Single: 360Times
Double: 160Times

Specification of CY-300JZL -
Power range(DC): 300WS
Power range (AC): 300WS
Guide number(DC): 1/1 58m, 1/4 28m
Guide number(AC): 1/1 58m, 1/4 28m
Recycle time: <=3S
Effective angle: >=55o
Triggering: Inductor, Synch cord, Test Button
Synch trigger Voltage: DC6V
Power: AC220V - DC360V
Modeling lamp: 60W
Color temperature: 5600k
Effective distance: >=10m

In the Box

2x CY-300JZL flash with plug-in flash tube
1x CY-28ZLXT DC battery pack
2x U-33w white umbrella
2x L-607 medium tripod
1x K-E1 aluminium studio case