Sharp LC-19A35 Aquos 19-inch LCD TV - Black

by Sharp
Sharp LC-19A35 Aquos 19-inch LCD TV - Black
The LC-19A35M 19" AQUOS Multi-System LCD TV from Sharp is perfect for your small flat screen display needs. This stylish multi-system HD ready TV features a black finish and built-in speakers. With its HDMI and PC inputs, the LC-19A35M is versatile enough to handle your HD components and double as a computer monitor as well. This high-contrast, bright display can be enjoyed from wide viewing angles in rooms even with ambient light.


Sharp Aquos 19"

Digital Interface (HDMI x1 ) and D-Sub 15-pin, 1 component terminals

HD video compatible (1080i/720p)

High-resolution WXGA LCD panel (1,366 x 768)

16:9 Aspect Ratio

Brightness 350 cd/m2

High Contrast Ratio : 4000:1

Panel Contrast Ratio of 800:1

Advanced OPC Sensor (Automatically adjusts the brightness of the screen)

3D Y/C comb filter

Built-in Teletext circuit

Multi Tuner (PAL-BG,I,DK / SECAM-BG,DK / NTSC-M )

Surround sound and NICAM/A2 stereo

Audio Output : 2 Watt + 2 Watt

Sleep Timer, Audio only, AV mode selection

Viewing Angle : Horizontal 160 o and Vertical 160 o

Consumption (Max) 36W


Screen Size (Diagonal) 19"
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Pixel Resolution 1366 x 768
Brightness 300cd/m²
Contrast Ratio 7,500:1
Lamp Life 50,000 hours
Viewing Angle 176o
Comb Filter 3D Y/C


Reviewed by 2 Customers
Rating: 4.0
After 6 months of ownership with this TV
Rating: 3.0
By from Bangkok on
I have now owned this TV for a little over 6 months and after reading my previous review thought I should do a follow up.

In my previous review I mentioned how the audio was poor and that extenal audio hookup would improve things. I said that my 2.1 PC sound system sounded great, what I should have made clear was that it sounded great on my PC and that I had not yet connected it to the TV. So here comes the crunch.....this TV does not have an audio out option!

This TV is still very good in all other areas, but now because there is no audio output option and the TV speakers are so incredibly poor (2+2 watts!) I am changing my rating to 3 stars.

A drastic drop I know but good picture or not the TV is now useless to me in all but the most whisper quiet of environments. What the hell were Sharp thinking, equipping this TV with so much technology and not including a simple RCA audio output, that's just weird!
Rating: 5.0
By from Wellington, NZ on
What an amazing little TV. I was looking for a small stylish LCDTV for my
kitchen and/or bedroom and this after many hours of reasearch was the
best I could find. Pro's are HDMI, D-Sub Monitor input, Excellent picture
quality, Super Stylish design, multi region, dual voltage and more. Con's
are few and they are 2 + 2 Watts output from speakers, it is fine in low
noise environments but external audio hookup is recommended, and this is
easy with the variety of audio input/output options on the rear panel, I
use a cheap PC speaker system with 2 satellites and a small sub, sounds
great. The only other thing is the picture, you must feed this TV with
HDMI or Component, anything less than that and the picture will not
impress. These things are easily remedied and do not detract from the
TV's overall appeal. I give it 5 Stars.

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