Sony MSX-M2GB Memory Stick Pro Duo Card

by Sony
Sony MSX-M2GB Memory Stick Pro Duo Card
Meet the enhanced Sony Memory Stick PRO Duo! It lights when it writes to protect against accidental data loss and has a new access speed of 80 Mbps - allowing you to read from and write to your Memory Stick PRO Duo faster than ever. Memory Stick PRO Duo digital film allows you to record your high-resolution digital images in a safe, convenient, durable and easy-to-use format.


You get a whopping 2 GB to complement your shooting requirements. It works with an array of different applications, including Sony MP3 audio recorders, video cameras and computers with a Memory Stick PRO Duo slot. The Memory Stick PRO Duo format is equipped with MagicGate: a copyright protection software that consists of authentication and encryption technologies.


The authentication technology ensures that protected content is only transferred between compliant devices and media, and that it is recorded and transferred in an encrypted format to prevent unauthorized copying or playback. The Memory Stick PRO Duo format also provides a unique personal data protection technology for removable media that allows you to securely and easily control access to any personal information stored on Memory Stick PRO Duo media. Although only half the size of a stick of chewing gum, Memory Stick PRO Duo packs big performance. It's compact, reliable and comes equipped with built-in erasure-prevention.


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