Samsung PS63A750 63-inch Plasma TV

by Samsung
Samsung PS63A750 63-inch Plasma TV
Samsung PS63A750 63" FHD Plasma TV
With the Plasma TV 750 from SAMSUNG, you have access to an entire new world of multimedia entertainment-right at your fingertips. Our built-in Content Library serves up hours of entertainment with HD image slideshow, cooking recipes and much more. WISELINK Pro transforms your TV into a multimedia player so you can watch movies, enjoy photos and listen to your favorite music. And since the 750 is DLNA-enabled, that means you can now enjoy watching the multimedia content stored on your PC-on your TV.


-Crystal design with a touch of colour
Inspired by the deep reds found in a sunset, the Crystal Design' adds an additional depth in richness and colour on the Plasma TV 750. Depending on the lighting condition, the TV frame shifts from dark to brighter red, emitting a crystal-like texture. The uniqueness and elegance of the Crystal Design will elevate the esthetics of any environment.
Ultra FilterBright(tm)

-SAMSUNG's patented Ultra FilterBright technology enables you to enjoy clear images in any lighting condition. In bright environment such as daytime, picture quality of conventional plasma TV could be blurred or made unclear by reflection of external light, and black or dark area of the image, in particular, is often affected. Super Black Panel of SAMSUNG Plasma TV 750 absorbs external light and reduces reflection for high picture clarity and darker black expression. Together with Super Black Panel, Optimal Light Filter further reduces the reflection to minimum level and eliminates side effect of external light. So you can enjoy deeper black and clear details in scenes in any lighting conditions.

-Content Library - the evolution of TV
With our embedded Content Library, we believe that the future of Digital TV just became brighter. Fast, easy access is given to a variety of non-broadcast entertainment. Fitness, Children, Cooking and Gallery features give you a TV experience that goes well beyond that of standard DTV. The built-in flash memory gives you the ability to easily access and control the content.

Interactive fitness exercises help you to stay supple and in shape with simple, yet effective workout, stretching, and massage techniques.

Help your children love to learn with fun, educational songs, stories, and games. Share in their delight as they learn about life.

Enjoy creating the ideal atmosphere to suit your mood with a captivating slide show and musical soundtrack.

Simply follow the step-by-step recipes in the library to create delicious dishes for you, your family, and friends to enjoy.

-dlna - multi-room viewing
The DLNA-enabled Plasma TV 750 lets you enjoy watching the multimedia content stored on your PC right on your TV. That gives you the ability to share your photos, home videos and other content in the comfort of your living room. DLNA even provides you with the luxury of streaming your PC content simultaneously on multiple TVs so everyone doesn't have to be in the same room.

-DNIe Pro - Digital Natural Image engine Pro
Indulge your eyes with the clearest, most natural images imaginable. DNIe Pro produces an incredible depth of detail that captures your eyes and unlocks your senses. Its advanced Colour and Motion Optimisers deliver incredibly lifelike images, and Contrast and Detail Enhancers combine to provide you with deeper depth of colour, inspirational images and precise pictures.

-Natural True Colour - 18 bit
18 bit colour processing makes Rich & Natural Colours.
SAMSUNG Plasma TV's 18-bit processing capacity can display an amazing Natural & True Colours.

-4 HDMI - one cable for audio and video
100% pure digital connection synchronises audio and video signals, ensuring no data loss and pure viewing perfection. Equipped with 4 HDMI inputs, the SAMSUNG LCD TV Series 6 is more than a sensational TV; it has the ability to be the centrepiece of your digital world. The addition of Universal Anynet+ allows you to control all connected audio and video devices from one remote control, giving you a more integrated entertainment experience.

-1080p Full HD - photo realistic details
The richest, most realistically represented images come to life in 1920 x 1080 Full HD. Colours are more vibrant, moving images have more fluidity, and action sequences become more dynamic. The expanded range of emotional expression allows you to be more engaged with your entertainment and to receive more enjoyment from your viewing experience.

-100Hz Dual Scan - faster than your eye can see
100Hz Dual Scan technology doesn't simply repeat images to make extra frames, it intelligently estimates the action, then creates and inserts an extra frame between frames to create a much more comfortable viewing experience. Through the insertion of this bridge frame, images appear seamless and the motion judder and image blurring that can occur when watching movies and sports is eliminated. Even the fastest action scenes are presented with precision and clarity on the SAMSUNG PDPTV SERIES 6.

-infoLive - information at your fingertips
Our InfoLive function delivers breaking news headlines, stock market information, and up-to-the-minute weather reports to the TV screen. Information is transmitted in RSS feeds via the Ethernet connection, enabling you to stay up-to-date with the information that matters to you.

-WISELINK Pro - share your digital delight
The WISELINK Pro connection enables you to share music, photos, videos, and text documents with the people that you love. The simple USB 2.0 interface allows you to play a wider range of media through your TV and share your life more completely with the people you love.

-1,000,000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio - deeper darks and brighter lights
The unparalleled 1,000,000 Dynamic Contrast Ratio of the SAMSUNG Plasma TV 750 provides clarity better than you ever thought possible. It's built with our unique technology to optimise the picture quality. This analyses the histogram of the input scene in real time and controls the black level to maximise the clarity as the brightness level of input scene changes. So the P750's contrast ratio expands more than a conventional plasma TV and can achieve the maximum contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1.

-1080 24P Real Movie - true to the original
The SAMSUNG LCD TV gives you the power to watch movies in their original 24-frames-per-second format-so you can see them the way they were intended to be seen. The latest in digital technology allows Blu-Ray Disc Players or Game Consoles to output content in its original forms of 24 fps. The SAMSUNG LCD TV supports these 24 fps sources through the HDMI input, and is capable of showing scenes in the maximum resolution of 1080p.

-Entertainment Mode - a TV made for entertainment
To provide you with the best entertainment possible, picture and sound mode have been preset for sports, movie, and game. In this way, you can be sure that the picture quality you are experiencing is optimised for your specific needs. Fast motion imaging, dynamic detail enhancement, and down-firing speakers combine to deliver the most dramatic entertainment experience you have ever been a part of.

Sports mode places you right in the middle of the action. Playing field, race track, and water sports come to life in vivid colour and detail due to the enhanced green, red, and blue colours which provide a superior spectator environment for all sports.

Experience TV that feels like a movie theatre. Cinema Mode guarantees the very best moving image quality while the enhanced mid range speakers deliver powerful cinematic sound.

Game mode enhances your gaming experience by providing you with smooth moving images, incredible sharpness of detail, and sound that is clear and powerful. Enjoy the sense of total immersion in your game and all the excitement that you can handle.


Screen Size : 63"
Aspect Ratio : 16:9
Resolution : 1920 x 1080
Dynamic Contrast Ratio : 1,000,000:1


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