Samsung LA40A650 40-inch LCD TV

by Samsung
Samsung LA40A650 40-inch LCD TV
40" Full HD LCD TV
With exquisite balance and unique harmonious qualities, the LCD TV SERIES 6 reflects nature's essential elements. Its inspirational design evokes depths of emotion that have never been seen on a TV screen before. The combination of premium performance and aesthetic elegance offer you all of the ingredients with which to enrich your life.


-Colouring your emotions
The exquisite craftsmanship of the LCD TV SERIES 6 650 sets a new standard in TV design. With its luxurious exterior and warm sunburst tones, it evokes emotions. The unique material plays with light and room décor customises the set to harmonise any environment. Its fine finish is inspired by blown glass art and hand crafted beauty.

-Bathed in natural beauty
Combining technological innovation with acute environmental awareness translates the design into smoother lines, warmer colour tones, and paint free manufacturing process of the LCD TV SERIES 6 650. The artistic ambience that it creates redefines the act of viewing and turns it into an art.

-Ultra Clear Panel - crisp detail and vibrant colour
With its combination of high and low reflection layers, the Ultra Clear Panel performs perfectly in any lighting condition. By eliminating ambient light reflection, pictures not only remain pure at all times, but are also more comfortable for your eyes.(Applicable to over 40" models)

-DNIe Pro - Digital Natural Image engine Pro
DNIe Pro produces an incredible depth of detail that captures your eyes and unlocks your senses. Its advanced Colour and Motion Optimisers deliver incredibly lifelike images, and Contrast and Detail Enhancers combine to provide you with deeper depth of colour and precise pictures.

-50,000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio - rich black details
With a Dynamic Contrast Ratio of up to 50,000:1, images are presented with power, precision, and lifelike detail. The enhanced Digital Dynamic Contrast reduces the duty ratio, minimises the black level, and creates deeper black colours. Faster dimming of the LCD backlight delivers deeper contrast of each video source, meaning that dark colours take on extra depth and light colours become brighter, clearer, and more pure. (Applicable to over 40" models)

-Entertainment Mode - a TV made for entertainment
To provide you with the best entertainment possible, picture and sound mode have been preset for sports, movie, and game. The picture quality you are experiencing is optimised for your specific needs. Fast motion imaging, dynamic detail enhancement, and down-firing speakers combine to deliver the most dramatic entertainment experience you have ever been a part of : -
Sports mode places you right in the middle of the action. Playing field, race track, and water sports come to life in vivid colour and detail due to the enhanced green, red, and blue colours which provide a superior spectator environment for all sports.
Experience TV that feels like a movie theatre. Cinema Modeguarantees the very best moving image quality while the enhanced mid range speakers deliver powerful cinematic sound.
Game mode enhances your gaming experience by providing you with smooth moving images, incredible sharpness of detail, and sound that is clear and powerful.

-Energy Star ; the evolution of ecology
Its energy efficiency bridges the gap between technological advancement and environmental awareness.

-1080p Full HD - photo realistic details
The richest, most realistically represented images come to life in 1920 x 1080 Full HD. Colours are more vibrant, moving images have more fluidity, and action sequences become more dynamic.

-100Hz Motion Plus ; faster than your eyes can see
100Hz Motion Plus technology intelligently estimates the action, then creates and inserts an extra frame between frames to create a comfortable viewing experience. Through the insertion of this bridge frame, images appear seamless and the motion judder and image blurring is eliminated. Even the fastest action scenes are presented with precision and clarity. (Applicable to over 40" models)

-Wide Colour Enhancer 2 - provides natural, realistic colours
Images are saturated with vivid, natural colour due to the expanded range of colour expression. By strengthening the red, green, and blue colours, depth and intensity are added to images that might have previously looked weak.

-1080 24P Real Movie ; true to the original
The SAMSUNG LCD TV gives you the power to watch movies in their original 24-frames-per-second format-so you can see them the way they were intended to be seen. The latest in digital technology allows Blu-Ray Disc Players or Game Consoles to output content in its original forms of 24 fps. The SAMSUNG LCD TV supports these 24 fps sources through the HDMI input, and is capable of showing scenes in the maximum resolution of 1080p.

-4 HDMI ; one cable for audio and video
100% pure digital connection synchronises audio and videosignals, ensuring no data loss and pure viewing perfection.Equipped with 4 HDMI inputs and the addition of Universal Anynet+ allows you to control all connected audio and video devices from one remote control, giving you a more integrated entertainment experience.

-WISELINK - music and photo on TV
The WISELINK connection allows you to share music and photos with those who are closest to you by simply using the USB 2.0 interface.

Down-firing Speaker - invisible speaker system
Using an invisible speaker design allows your attention to remain on the screen. The powerful down-firing speakers create superior multi-directional sound that is dynamic, clear, and ideally suited for movie sound content.


Screen Size : 40"
Resolution : 1920 x 1080
Dynamic Contrast Ratio : 50,000:1
Viewing Angle : 178o/178o (H/V)


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