Canon TC-DC58C 58mm 2.0x Tele Converter Lens

by Canon
Canon TC-DC58C 58mm 2.0x Tele Converter Lens
When you need more telephoto zoom in a smaller package, the Canon TC-DC58C teleconverter lens is an ideal choice. The TC-DC58C converts the focal distance of your body lens by a factor of 2x when attached to a Canon A650IS, G7, or G9 digital camera. Note: the converter requires the LA-DC58H lens adapter to connect with the PowerShot G7 camera.Requires Conversion Lens Adapter LA-DC58H / Used to enlarge the central part of an image from an objective lens.


-Converts the focal distance of the body lens to 420mm (2.0x) - at telephoto end when attached
-Requires Converson Lens Adapter LA-DC58H to attach this lens to the PowerShot G7