Deree A100 Head + T-20 Aluminium Legs + Ground Spreader Tripod System

by Deree
Deree A100 Head + T-20 Aluminium Legs + Ground Spreader Tripod System
Deree A100 Fluid Head
T-20 Aluminium Legs
Ground Spreader
Tripod bag


Deree Tripods

For over ten years, Deree has been a market leader in innovation and technology, used by companies in countries throughout the world. Currently, Deree tripods and heads are being used by TV stations, film studios, and advertising agencies as the popularity of the products continues to grow amongst film and television professionals.

The key advantages of Deree tripods and heads include:

- Deree series products are suitable for different shooting conditions
- Deree fluid heads have outstanding pan and tilt features
- Deree's special damping system functions are adjustable and workable between -60 and +60oC (-76 and +140oF)
- Camera counterbalance is adjusted individually for different classes of cameras
- Convenient 100mm bowl diameter
- Deree offers a wide range of tripods including carbon fibre and aluminium tripods in different sizes and load ranges
- Convenient and reliable after-sales service provided directly by Deree


Maximum load 15kg
Weight 8.5kg (Head +tripod)
Fluid drags 3+0 horizontal/vertical
Counterbalance 3+0
Panning range 360o
Tilt angle -85/+85o
Temperature range -60/+60oC
Height range 800/1600mm
Bowl diameter D100mm
Balance plate moving +-45mm with quick release
Spreader Ground Spreader
Handle Extension handles(right+ left)
Tripod section Single stage


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