Ansso UL-10LED Camera Light

by Ansso
Ansso UL-10LED Camera Light
11W LED Light


Illuminant of this light adopts high brightness LED of USA LUXEON and UK manufactured honeycomb soft filter, it is small-sized and portable, power consumption is about 11W and its brightness is equivalent to incandescent lamp of 12V, 35W. With a dimming knob, the electric current could be adjusted stably at a constant output voltage. This LED camera light has a particular long lifetime of nearly 100,000 hours.
Input Voltage: DC 11V~17V
Illumination: 300LX@Lm
Shooting Angle: 40oC
Consumption Power:
11W ( Max. output)
Color Temperature: 5600K/3200K
Dimming: 100%-0%


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