Osee MVW160 Multi-Image Display System

by Osee
Osee MVW160 Multi-Image Display System
The MVW160 is multi-image display processor and fully hardware designed with high reliability. It adopts 1280x1024 SXGA format. The dedicated scaling engine and de-interlacing chip ensure the pristine imag quality.

The redundant power supply unit allows the system to work in long
durability and high reliability, and easy for maintenance and recovery from malfuctions.

The MVW160 accepts up to 16 channels of SDI or analog composite inputs and16 channels of mono or 8 analog stereo audio inputs, and it also supports embedded audio.

The MVW160 can display 2 channels of VU and PPM audio level meter as well as other information, such as Source ID, Tally, date, clock, count-down clock and alarming. The user-definable background and logo are also allowed.

The MVW160 is highly capable of singal detection and alarming. The signal detection includes video loss, frozen frame, BB and audiol loss. Moreover all, these signal status can be detected with high accuracy.

The MVW160 provides complete alarm record and log file with alarm status as well.


High resolution display processor up to 1280X1024
Quality display guaranteed by its de-interlacing and
zooming chip set
1RU compact design for space saving and high reliability
redundant power supply
Accepts 4 video processing cards, supporting up to 16
scalable windows
Accepts corresponding analog audio or AES audio
SDI processing card demultiplexes 2 channels of embedded
audio per SDI source
Up to 2 VU and PPM Audio Meter can be displayed per
video window Tally indicators, source ident, LTC reference
clock, date, logo, and background picture
Alarm with log file for:
Video loss, black picture, frozen picture, EDH
analog video scope
Audio loss
Remote controllable and configurable by PC and break-out
control panel
One client controls up to 16MVW160s via remote control panel