Vitacon 2572 72mm 2.5x Tele Conversion Lens

by Vitacon
Vitacon 2572 72mm 2.5x Tele Conversion Lens
Professional 2.5x Tele Conversion Lens. 72mm.


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Rating: 4.0
Excellent sharpness in the center area
Rating: 4.0
By from Finland on
Vitacon 2572 is in its own class, because it offers 2,5 x teleconversion
on a 72 mm thread lens. The sharpness of the lens is excellent in the
center area. It is good in the sides and corners also, but shooting a
flat surface you can't get the whole 16:9 picture in focus. I used Sony's
new HDR-FX1000. This kind of lens behavior is more or less typical to all
teleconversion lenses. All in all, Vitacon is quite usable when used with
thouht or for special purposes.

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