Sony SAL-20F28 20mm F2.8 Lens

by Sony
Sony SAL-20F28 20mm F2.8 Lens
The Sony 20mm f/2.8 AF Lens is a wide-angle lens with excellent accuracy and extraordinary depth of field. It delivers a super-wide 94o angle of view, corrects visual aberrations from about 10" to infinity, and provides deep depth-of-field for complex shots that maintain sharp focus in both close foreground and far background.


Excellent Visual Accuracy
Advanced correcting techniques for optical distortion create visually accurate shots with minimum aberration

Rear Focusing System
Auto-focus speed increases as lens elements move, helping you to catch quick action.

Clear, Sharp Imaging
The lens is able to achieve superb clarity and definition due to the optical coating which provides protection against internal reflection.

Circular Aperture
The lens form a near circle at the wide openings generally used for low-light shots, so spot-light sources have a pleasing circular defocused effect.

Deep Depth of Field
The ability to keep both close foreground and distant background in critically sharp focus.


Aperture (Max.) - f/2.8
Aperture (Min.) - f/22
Aspheric Elements - no aspheric
Blades - 7 aperture blades
Depth-of-Field - Yes
Distance Scale - Yes
Filter Diameter - 72mm
Focal Length - APS: 30mm (35mm Equivalent: 20mm)
Lens Groups-Elements - 9 groups, 10 elements
Lens Type - Wide Angle & Wide Angle Zoom
Magnification - x 0.13
Minimum Focus Distance - 9.6" (25cm)

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Front & Rear Lens Caps
SH0013 Petal Lens Hood


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