Canon WP-DC21 Waterproof Case

by Canon
Canon WP-DC21 Waterproof Case
For Canon PowerShot G9 Digital Camera


Clear Polycarbonate Construction
Durable and resistant to corrosion. Clear view of the camera information and control functions

Camera Functions
Housing accesses most camera functions (Does not allow F stop or shutter speed control in manual mode)

Versatile Size
Small enough to use for other sporting activities like skiing or fishing

Priced less than some other options in housings


Construction : Polycarbonate
Control Type : Mechanical
Controls : All
Depth Rating : 130' (40 m)
Buoyancy : Positive
Port : Fixed, flat
Internal Flash Usable : Yes
External Strobe Connector : No
TTL Compatible : No
Moisture Alarm : None
Color : Clear

In the Box

Neck Strap
Wrist Strap
Flash Diffuser
Silicone Grease