Zeiss Ikon Camera Body - Silver

by Zeiss
Zeiss Ikon Camera Body - Silver



Camera type: Compact rangefinder system camera with focal plane shutter and TTL light metering system

Film format: 24x36 mm on 35 mm film

Viewfinder: 0.74X magnification

Displayed frames : 28/85 mm. 35 mm, 50 mm.

Diopter correction lenses : -4 to +2 diopters. Standard setting at -1 diopter

Exposure metering : TTL center-weighted metering at working aperture

Metering range (at ISO100 and f/2) : EV 0 to EV 19 (f/2-4s, f/16-1/2000 s)

Film speed range: Manually set between ISO 25-3200 with 1/3 incremental f-stop

Exposure modes: AE with aperture priority or manual. AE lock option. Exposure compensation +/- 2 f-stops in 1/3 steps set at shutter speed dial

Viewfinder display: LED symbols for selected shutter speed along left side of frame.

Shutter : Vertically moving electronically controlled metal type

Shutter speed: speeds with 1/12 f-stop resolution between 1/2000 s to 8 s in AE mode, full f-stops between 1/2000 s to 1 s in manual mode, B

Flash synch: Synchronization at 1/125 s and longer shutter speeds

Film transport : Manual advance with quick lever. Rewinding with rewind lever

Camera body : One piece aluminium base structure. External metal covers. Tripod thread inch in base plate

Batteries : Two 1.5V cells type LR44 or SR44


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