Sony HDW-750P HDCAM Camcorder

by Sony
Sony HDW-750P HDCAM Camcorder
HD camcorder, offering 2.2 million pixels per colour, HDCAM recording and is switchable between 50i and 25P scanning.

Since first appearing on the market, the HDW-750P camcorder has become associated with the very best in quality programming, helping establish HDCAM as the preferred High Definition format worldwide.

The HDW-750P puts all the advantages of shooting High Definition at 25P/50i into the hands of the programme maker, maximising creative opportunities and control without sacrificing portability or battery life. It is an extremely compact and lightweight design, with a robust and reliable construction. Adopting a 2.2 million-pixel FIT CCD, and Advanced Digital Signal Processing (ADSP), the camcorder ensures superb picture quality and low-power consumption.

The HDW-750P makes it easier than ever to capture pictures that will satisfy the most exacting producer. By shooting 25 frames per second in progressive scan mode (25P), your shots will share "filmic" motion portrayal that can add a subjective richness to improve both the quality and marketability of your production. And new for 2005/6 is a new version of camcorder software: Version 2. This boosts the latitude of the camcorder to give an even more film-like image, allowing more detail to be seen in the highlight and lowlight areas of the picture.

With the HDW-750P, you can also shoot 50 fields per second interlaced (50i) as a natural partner to the PAL world. The choice is yours.

So whether you're post producing in Standard Definition and want to maximise image quality up-front, or following an end-to-end HD 25P workflow, the HDW-750P is the natural affordable choice to take you into the exciting world of High Definition.


Memory stick
Turbo gain
Slot in wireless receiver
Two assignable buttons
EZ focus
Auto trace white
Intelligent light shoe

Dual Optical Filter Wheels
Allows the following to be selected:

Stereo audio monitoring
TruEye processing
Multi matrix
Three channel skin tone detection
Dial in colour temperature
Gamma curves
Black gamma
Y black gamma
Adaptive knee
Knee saturation
Cameraman programmable menu system


Mass: Approx. 5.4 kg (11lb. 14oz) with cassette, BP-L60S battery, viewfinder and microphone
Power requirement: DC 12V (+5.0 V/-1.0 V)
Power consumption: 34 W (With 12 V power supply, REC mode, without viewfinder)
Operating temperature: 0 oC to +40oC (+32oF to +104 oF)
Storage temperature: -20 oC to +60 oC (-4oF to +140 oF)
Operating humidity: 25% to 80% (Relative humidity)
Continuous operating time: Approx. 135 min (With BP-GL95)

In the Box

Viewfinder (HDVF-20A)
Sony HDW-750P manual
Stereo microphone
Shoulder belt


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