Sony MSW-A2000P/1 MPEG IMX Recorder

by Sony
Sony MSW-A2000P/1 MPEG IMX Recorder
The MSW-A2000P/1 MPEG IMX Studio Recorder combines the high picture quality of 50Mb/s Intra-frame MPEG-2 data compression with a rugged and reliable 1/2" tape transport.

Designed for programme productions such as drama, sports and natural history, the MSW-A2000P/1 provides eight channels of uncompressed digital audio, making it ideal for multi-lingual and multi-channel operation.

In addition to compatible replay of Betacam SX cassettes, the MSW-A2000P/1 can also replay Betacam and Betacam SP tapes, providing an elegant migration of existing analogue content to the open world of MPEG-2.