Takstar TS-8M Automatic Microphone Audio Mixer

by Takstar
Takstar TS-8M Automatic Microphone Audio Mixer


- microprocessor controlled
- 8-channels
- extremely high S/N Ratio, clear and nature sound quality
- ordered and high-class conference control process
- possibility of the connection to other mixers to arrange large multi-mic installations
- 8-channel Mic/Line balanced inputs with a pre-selected priority option for each channel in two versions:
'the chairperson mode' with a few priority channels working in a row
'the one after another mode' with a few priority channels working in a row
- aux input - RCA jack accepting auxiliary-level input used for broadcasting background music during the conference break set by computer
- powered by 48V phantom power supply
- switchable manual mode to turn the device into working like a conventional mixer
- possibility of controlling and setting up by computer through RS485 ports
- compact and convenient operating interface to help set a single mic to work on the prior channel as a chairperson, while setting the mode of speaking orderly for other mics
- simple installation and set up


Maximum Gain:>73dB
Frequency Response:30Hz - 28kHz
Equivalent Input Noise:-124dBV
Mic/Line Input Pads:50dB
Phantom Power:+48V DC
Control Voltage Out:+4V DC
Power Supply:12V/500mA
Computer Control Port: RS485

Input Impedance:4000 Ohm
Output Impedance:Balanced 300 Ohm
Maximum Input Level:-24dBV

Input Impedance:30000 Ohm
Output Impedance:Balanced 200 Ohm
Maximum Input Level:-30dBV

Input Impedance:20000 Ohm
Output Impedance:100 Ohm

Input Impedance:30000 Ohm
Output Impedance Level:-17dBV

Output Impedance:400 Ohm


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