797 Audio FB4581 Power Amplifier

797 Audio FB4581 Power Amplifier
To connect the four main power amplifier can control their programming signals can also Parallel / Separate switch control signal on the same program
Local input stage switch active use of low-noise analog switch-off and set directions
Apply to "prepare a four" power amplifier system cabinet


Rated input level 0dBv
Maximum input level 10dBv
Frequency response +1 dB,-3dB (20Hz-20KHz)
THD <0.5%
Equivalent noise source EMF => 70dB
Part of the power
Every road stop will be the largest input power (8 Ohm) 600W
Pressure 1000W
Every road will be the largest power output resistance (8 Ohm) 600W
Pressure 1000W
Supply voltage AC220V +/- 22V, 50Hz +/- 2Hz
10W power consumption machine


480 x 210 x 88mm


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