797 Audio FA201 AV Distributor

797 Audio FA201 AV Distributor
By the four groups of audio and video components of the input signal
through the selector on any of them to choose a set of signal switch
eight audio and video signal output with a quick switch, a small noise, etc.
Apply to the broadcast sound reinforcement system for audio and video signal processing and distribution of processing


Rated audio input level 0dBV
Audio largest import 15dBV level
Audio gain 0dB
Audio distortion factor <= 0.5%
Audio signal to noise ratio >= 55dB
The largest video input level 12dB
Video input impedance 75 Ohm
Video output impedance 75 Ohm
Video gain 7dB
Power AC220V +/-22V, 50Hz +/-2Hz


Dimensions : 480 x 157 x 44mm